A jewel of European Art Nouveau and a matter of heart and soul for our company.

  1. 1992 – remanufacturing and the completion of missing parts of the entrance awning including the light carriers
  2. 1993 – manufacturing of the exterior lighting according to the original Křižík lantern from the Prague Powder Tower
  3. 1994 – 1997 – a complete reconstruction and restoration to its initial state
  4. 1998 – manufacturing of the ceiling lamp of the “Český klub”


Scope of work: restoration and manufacture of lighting, grilles, fittings and other elements in the following parts of the building:


  • Basement: Pilsen restaurant – American bar – Wine cellar
  • Ground floor: Smetana Hall – French restaurant – Café 
  • I. floor: Mayor’s Hall – Rieger Hall – Grégr Hall – Palacký Hall – Sladkovský Hall – Confectionary – Oriental Parlour – Moravian Slovak Parlour – Božena Němcová Parlour
  • II. floor: Exhibition rooms
  • The entrance, hallways, staircase and other spaces in the whole building


Interesting fact: 

The majority of the lights were restored according to the original photographs, which have been preserved in the Štenc archive. By then already forgotten technologies were used once again, such as manufacturing light bulbs according to the original shape from the Philips company in laboratory conditions, in the now defunct company Tesla Lenešice. 

In recent years, with the purpose for easier cleaning and maintaining of the light fixtures, the original cut glass pendants have been replaced by frosted sheet glass and thus, the light fixtures have lost their Art Nouveau beauty, sparkle and sheen. To ensure the original appearance, this meant supplying approximately 7 000 glass trimming bars in 12 variations and 37 000 pieces of cut trimmings in 20 variations. All of this was replicated according to patterns from the first realizations of the original companies: Křižík, Frant Anýž, Suda – Kotěšovec and more. 

Reconstruction design: Association of Architects for the Reconstruction of the Municipal House